Tom Krazit

Tom Krazit

Tom Krazit has covered the technology industry for over 20 years, focused on enterprise technology during the rise of cloud computing over the last ten years at Gigaom, Structure and Protocol.

145 articles
An image posted on Lockbit's websites that says "this site is now under control of law enforcement."

Finally, a ransomware breakthrough

Today: how international law enforcement agencies took down one of the most notorious ransomware operators, how two communities are dealing with a surge in data-center building, and the latest funding rounds in enterprise tech.

You can observe a lot by watching

You can observe a lot by watching

Today: why a shakeup in the fast-growing observability market could be underway as businesses start to think differently about data, the early returns for Microsoft Copilot are in, and the latest funding rounds in enterprise tech.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

The smartest thing Microsoft ever did

Today: why Microsoft's decision to make Satya Nadella CEO ten years ago this weekend changed the direction of one of America's most iconic tech companies, how Cloudflare got hacked and kept the receipts, and the quote of the week.

Has AWS turned a corner?

Has AWS turned a corner?

Today: AWS growth ticks up a fraction for the first time in a while, CISA issues an "unprecedented" warning to government agencies, and the latest moves in enterprise tech.

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