Runtime Roundtable

Runtime Roundtable

We’re excited to announce a new section: Runtime Roundtable, a group of enterprise tech leaders and thinkers who will share their perspectives on this ever-changing slice of the technology world on a regular basis. Our group consists of tech executives, founders, investors, and buyers who want to help their peers make decisions about how to acquire and deploy enterprise technology, which gets more and more complicated every quarter.

We'll share a question with our group of experts on a regular basis and publish a select number of responses on Runtime, and we'll update this page with links to new editions of the Roundtable as they go live.

Due to an overwhelming response during our first month, we are no longer taking submissions. However, if we open it up in the future we'll announce that in the Runtime newsletter, which you can subscribe to here.

We look forward to sharing some of the ideas and perspectives from the brilliant minds in the Runtime community. If you are interested in learning more about sponsoring an edition of the Runtime Roundtable, please contact us here.

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