A PR person's guide to Runtime

A PR person's guide to Runtime
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As we gear up for the launch of Runtime in May, I've been talking with a lot of representatives from enterprise tech companies for several stories I'm working on. And as with any new editorial venture, those folks have had lots of questions about what types of stories we're interested in telling.

While I could have done without the ending, I was grateful for the space I was granted by Protocol over the last three years to design and execute my vision for enterprise tech coverage. So if you're familiar with the style, tone, and story types that Protocol Enterprise brought to this corner of the world, you'll see something very similar emerge from Runtime over the next several months.

But for those less familiar with that approach or who are new to the business, here are a few answers to some frequently asked questions about Runtime's editorial and business strategy.

We'll update this post as we get further inquiries or plans change.

At launch, the Runtime newsletter will come out three times a week on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, as well as Saturday mornings.

  • Newsletters will typically contain a summarized version of a longer-form story published earlier in the day on runtime.news (set your RSS readers), shorter news items and commentary, and a curated roundup of everything you need to know about the most recent developments in enterprise tech.
  • Tuesdays will also feature a roundup of recent funding rounds for enterprise tech startups, and Thursdays will feature a roundup of enterprise tech executive movements. Please send related news for consideration in those sections.

Runtime is primarily interested in the following types of stories (this is not an exhaustive list):

  • In-depth news about, and profiles of, people, companies, and/or teams that are working on emerging enterprise technologies that are advancing the status quo.
  • Technology explainers: how does this new thing actually work, and why should you consider it or ignore it?
  • Q&A-style interviews with industry leaders or super interesting people.
  • "How we built it" interviews or stories featuring tech buyers explaining how they make enterprise tech design and deployment decisions.

Runtime is not going to do very many embargoed stories, a handful a year, at best.

  • We deliberately eschewed embargoed stories at Protocol Enterprise as an experiment, and it freed us to do the types of impactful stories that this industry really needs.
  • Embargoed stories only allow for one side of what are often multisided, complicated issues to be presented, because by definition, you can't ask anyone (other than approved corporate sources) what they think about news you've promised not to disclose until a certain time and date.
  • To be clear: If we accept an embargo, we will honor it. But in order to accept an embargo the news will have to clear a very high bar, and accepting an embargo does not mean we will publish a story.
  • Do not disclose information you wish to be embargoed before we have agreed to the terms of the embargo. There's no such thing as an implied embargo.

At some point this year, Runtime will be open to sponsored content.

  • Sponsored content is part of Phase 2 of our editorial plan. We will publish guidelines for that here when we’re ready to accept submissions and inquiries.
  • We do not plan to accept contributed content.

At some point this year, Runtime will produce events.

  • Virtual event topics and participants will be chosen by Runtime, but we are open to sponsors, who will receive a limited amount of time at the outset of the event for their message as well as branded promotion.
  • Plans for live events are still in the works and will likely involve some combination of networking time and speakers alongside major industry events.
  • Please reach out here to set up a conversation around either virtual or live events.

Runtime will not accept vendor/source compensation for travel and/or coverage.

  • As we ramp up, we hope to be able to attend as many events (at least on the West Coast) as possible, but travel to those events will be self-funded.
  • We do not (and will not) offer a product or service that allows companies to sponsor specific editorial coverage of an event.

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